The 2018 Convective Processes Experiment (CPEX) Science Team Meeting was held 7-8 June 2018 at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City Utah. Below are presentations from the meeting, posted with permission/clearance from the lead author.

STM Participants; Image Credit: Hui Su

Meeting Agenda

Author Presentation Title

Thursday, 07 June

Shuyi ChenCPEX Overview
Svetla Hristova-VelevaStatus of CPEX Portal; Contents, Access, etc.
Dave Emmitt
  • Overview of DAWN performance and data products being prepared for archive
  • Evaluation of DAWN data taken in the "stare mode" and cloudy situation investigations
Steve GrecoOverview of YES dropsonde performance and QC'd products
Ajda SavarinDropsonde Processing and QC
Steve GrecoEvaluation of CPEX Budget Box calculations of divergence and vorticity
Steve DurdenAPR-2 overview and summary
Bjorn Lambrigtsen, Boon Lim, Sharmila PadmabhanHAMSR, MTHP, MASC Observations
Sun Wong, Ali Behrangi, and Terry KubarUsing passive microwave observations for CPEX science; initial SST and deep convection analysis over the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico (2 talks included)
Guosheng LiuSatellite data analysis for CPEX
Ed Zipser and Mani RajagopalJune 10 case: Observations, satellite, DAWN, dropsondes
Svetla Hristova-Veleva, Joe Turk and Sara ZhangJune 10 case simulations and observations
Joe TurkJune 10 case: Complementary nature of APR-2 and DAWN

Friday, 08 June

Jose Martinez CiarosMission 5 analysis with dropsondes
Carlos LopezMission 5 analysis using DAWN data
Hui SuEnvironmental moisture and wind conditions for tropical storm Cindy as observed by NASA CPEX
Edo MazzaCPEX Flights into Tropical Storm Cindy
Vasu Misra and Sweta DasCindy - psi-chi interactions