The 2019 Convective Processes Experiment (CPEX) Science Team Meeting was held 16-17 July 2019 at the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington. Below are presentations from the meeting, posted with permission/clearance from the lead author.

STM Participants; Image Credit: Shuy Chen

Meeting Agenda

Author Presentation Title

Tuesday, 16 July

Tsengdar Lee and Gail Skofronick-JacksonExplore Earth: NASA HQ Perspective
Shuyi S. ChenConvective Process Experiment (CPEX) 2017: Science Highlights
Svetla Hristova-Veleva, Brian Knosp, P. Peggy Li, Quoc Vu, F. Joe Turk, Bjorn Lambrigtsen, Hui Su, Shuyi Chen, and Ed ZipserCPEX portals: Status and updates
Dave EmmittCharacterizing the MABL and spray zone with recent advances in DAWN data processing
Steve Greco and Dave EmmittUpdate on DAWN Performance During CPEX, Comparison with Dropsondes, and Instrument Improvements for Future Missions
Bjorn Lambrigtsen, Mathias Schreier, Boon Lim, Sharmila Padmanabhan, Brian Knosp, Peggy Li, Ali Behrangi, Terry Kubar, and Sun WongConvective initiation, thermodynamics and HAMSR soundings - An update
VariousIssues regarding dropsonde problems and impact on heat and momentum budget and divergence profiles
Ajda Savarin and Shuyi S. ChenCharacteristics of Convective Cold Pools in CPEX
Steve DurdenAPR-2 CPEX data update and APR-3
Vasu MisraUnderstanding the evolution of Tropical Cyclones through the psi-chi framework
Hui Su, Longtao Wu, Sahra Kacimi, and Shuyi S. ChenWind and Humidity Structures of Tropical Storm Cindy: CPEX Observations and WRF Simulations
Edoardo Mazza and Shuyi S. ChenTS Cindy (2017): New insights on TC formation from CPEX Observations and Modeling
Jose Martinez-ClarosExtra-Tropical transition over the Gulf of Mexico observed during the CPEX campaign

Wednesday, 17 July

Ed ZipserUpscale Growth of MCSs over Tropical Oceans: A Challenging Problem
Mani Rajagopal and Ed ZipserUsing IMERG to Define Precipitation Features and their Upscale Growth
Guosheng Liu and Jiangmei LiUnderstanding Precipitation Processes in Tropical Convections by a Satellite-Based Emission-Scattering Diagram
F. Joseph (Joe) Turk, Svetla Hristova-Veleva, Steve Durden, Ousmane Sy, and Simone TanelliJoint Analysis of Cloud and Wind Structure from APR-2 and Nearby DAWN Wind Profiles During CPEX
Zhaoxia Pu and Zhiqiang Cui Impacts of assimilating DAWN wind profiles on numerical simulations of tropical convections
Sara Zhang, Svetla Hristova-Veleva, and F. Joe TurkAssimilating DAWN winds: Impact on the precipitation and flow structure of the June 10th squall line
Brandon KernsUWIN-CM model forecasts, satellite and reanalysis (MERRA2, ERA5, CFSR) products